Friday, August 17, 2012

How To File Bankruptcy: A Debtor's Guide

If you are struggling to pay your bills and wondering what the future holds, you may also be considering how to file bankruptcy, wondering what it protects, and what are the risks, and what is really involved. It may just be a vague idea at this time, or perhaps you are actively considering it but are unsure of how to proceed.

Fortunately, the bankruptcy process is relatively simple if you do it right.

The following outlines what going bankrupt entails, learn what it takes, and when finished, you will be able to make a better decision if it is the right path for you.

Have You Done All You Can To Make Good?

The first step in going bankrupt is to get all your financial information together and decide whether this really is the best option for you right now. Sometimes debt can feel overwhelming, but inmany cases a few small lifestyle changes can make paying it down much easier.

However, that is not always the case and bankruptcy may very well be the best option for you right now.

If you are unsure of whether you should proceed with it or not, consider getting credit counseling from a professional. There are many excellent nonprofit credit counseling centers available to help.

These services can help you organize your finances and take advantage of debt relief resources you may not have been aware are available to you.

How To Choose A Bankruptcy Attorney

Once you have decided to file for bankruptcy, you will need to find a lawyer. It is possible to file pro se, without a lawyer, but it is generally not recommended. Bankruptcy can be a complex process and even a small mistake can cause major problems for you, including the loss of assets like your home or car or even a dismissal of your case entirely that otherwise could have been avoided with experienced legal help.

It pays to do it right the first time around with something this serious. Scrape, borrow, negotiate to come up with a reasonable fee for a bankruptcy attorney to manage going bankrupt for you.

To find a lawyer, begin by asking for recommendations from anyone you know who has filed for bankruptcy or might otherwise know of a good one. You want to find someone who specializes in bankruptcy cases as they will know how to file bankruptcy effectively and typically their fees will reflect an understanding that you are in financial distress.

You can also search online for a good bankruptcy attorney. Many sites even have client ratings to help you decide. Pick several attorneys that offer a free initial consultation, and go talk to several of them before making your decision. Do not be intimidated, ask a lot of questions about their experience and expertise, and listen to what they suggest for your case.

After talking with several lawyers, choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

What Going Bankrupt Will Require Of You

Once you have a lawyer, you typically will need to seek credit counseling from a center that is approved by the federal bankruptcy court. This must be done within 180 days of filing and you will need to show proof that you completed the course and intend to comply. This is to help prevent you from finding yourself in the same financial straits that led to bankruptcy in the first place and is an important step that will benefit you in the long run.

Your lawyer will look over your finances and determine whether you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy erases all debts that can be discharged, forgiving them, but you may lose some assets in the process and there are also income restrictions. For those with higher income or more assets that they want to keep, Chapter 13 is a safe way to do so.

You may have to pay back some of your creditors but your payments will be structured in an affordable way based on your projected income. Some debts are never able to be discharged, such as federally guaranteed student loans, back child support or alimony and certain court judgments. However, most credit card debt, medical bills and personal loans will be able to be discharged if you qualify for bankruptcy.

Your lawyer will inform you of the paperwork you need to do and the information you need to provide.

Avoid Temptation - Post Bankruptcy Recovery

Although it can be tempting to lie about assets or income in order to secure a more favorable outcome, it is a very bad idea to do so. The court will check into your financial statements and if they discover you are hiding assets your case will likely be dismissed and you may face criminal charges. You also need to be very clear about all your debts, as if you forget to list one in your paperwork it will not be discharged.

Bankruptcy can be a long and stressful process, but it can be worth it in the end. If you are drowning in debt and unable to pay it off, declaring bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. It is a common occurrence and nothing to be ashamed about if you have done everything in your power to make good but are being crushed by your debts.

Instead, look at it as getting a second chance to make smart financial decisions having learned from your missteps . If you are wondering how to file bankruptcy, wonder no more. With a little help you will soon find yourself on the road to your second chance.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Secrets Of Real Estate: Selling A Home

When selling your home, remove anything of a personal nature. Prospective buyers want to be able to envision the house as their own. So, the last thing they need to see are photographs or keepsakes. If possible, keep furniture to a minimum also. This way, you are creating a blank space for the potential homeowner to fill up with their own belongings.

When you're selling your home don't let your ego or pride get in the way about the house. It isn't about you it's about your home. Yes, it may be just brick and cement but these people are looking for their future home. Be inviting and willing to let people do a walk-through. Of course you wouldn't want to buy something without being in it and neither would they.

Different properties call for real estate agents with different areas of specialty. Some agents specialize in properties that generally serve as a second home, vacation retreat, or "home away from home" for people with seasonally influenced jobs. If you plan to sell a lakeside cabin, beachfront condo, or mountain retreat, look for an agent who is experienced with this type of recreational real estate.

You can give your home's front door a nice outside lift by removing your old house numbers and replacing them with new metal ones. Choose elegant numbers with shiny gold or sophisticated black numbers to represent your address. Display them in a diagonal or horizontal fashion for a dramatic look.

If you are trying to sell your home, now is a very hard time to do so. You need to realize that the value of your home is not what the tax-assessor says. Instead, it will depend on any foreclosures and short-sales going on around you and what people are willing to pay. Don't overprice your house in this market, or it may be sitting for a long time.

While it is commendable to try to handle the real estate market by yourself, you may experience a great deal of trouble when trying to do so. Networking is crucial to success in anything, and the real estate market is no different. You should attempt to connect with other real estate investors. They can offer you advice and tips to help you with your own endeavors.

If you are looking to flip a home, it is important that you do not go overboard with the remodeling. Fixing minor problems with a home will usually get you better gains than making major renovations before putting the home back on the market. Remember to analyze anything you do to the home to determine if it will increase the sale price.

To improve your chances of getting your asking price when selling your house, ensure the house is "staged" for showing potential buyers. The idea behind staging is to arrange the house and its furniture so that a possible buyer could easily envision living there. One technique used in staging is to temporarily remove personal items, like family pictures, from the rooms so that a prospective buyer can easily imagine their own photos there.

Be more empathetic with the people you are trying to sell your home to. When showing the house to potential buyers, make it look as homey and inviting as you can. Though it might sound a bit corny, you can even offer baked goods like freshly baked cookies. This can seem inviting and make the process less intimidating for everyone.

If you have textured walls or popcorn ceilings in your home then it might be a good idea to change that before trying to sell your home. Many home buyers are turned off by these two things, so changing them will get many more people interested in your property.

If you are trying to sell a home to a potential buyer, it is important that you are honest with your customer. If your buyer finds something amiss in the home that you did not tell them about, they will not trust you. If they do not trust you, they will not buy your home.

Set the mood during the showing of the home you want to sell. A fire in the fireplace, candles glowing on the tables and rippling water fountains make the home feel more tranquil and relaxing. These things may help keep buyers from noticing less desirable noises that may be heard otherwise.

Venturing into the real estate market doesn't have to be a frightening and frustrating experience. With the information provided in this article, you can transform your home into a residence that every buyer will put on their short list. Get started now and watch the offers begin pouring in!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Should you Buy Bluegreen Points from the Resort or from the Resale Market?

This article compares the premier benefits obtained by buying at full price from Bluegreen Resorts with the value of buying a resale contract on the secondary market.

It is very important to understand that any premier or VIP benefits can be changed or canceled entirely at any time, as these benefits are not tied in any way to the real estate ownership (which is why the developer can restrict these benefits from being transferred when the ownership is bought or sold on the secondary market!). In fact, shortly before this article was written, Bluegreen had just changed the benefits again- by reducing the privileges given to Bronze level owners (presumably to try and "encourage" more owners to purchase even more points and "upgrade" to higher levels).

Bluegreen pricing is currently about .85 to .25 per annual point.. Resale prices can commonly be found in the $ .25 to $ .40 per annual point range!

The Premier or Elite Levels of Bluegreen are classified as:

Bronze level VIP privileges are received by owning 15,0000 to 19,999 annual points.(Approximate cost of ,000 to ,000 if you buy resale and ,000 to ,000 if you buy from Bluegreen)

Silver level VIP privileges are received by owning 20,000 to 34,999 annual points. (Approximate cost of ,000 to ,000 if you buy resale and ,000 to ,000 if you buy from Bluegreen)

Gold level VIP privileges are received by owning 35,000 to 59,999 annual points. (Approximate cost of ,750 to ,000 if you buy resale and ,000 to 5,000 if you buy from Bluegreen)

Platinum level VIP privileges are received by owning 60,000 annual points or more. (Approximate cost starting at ,000 if you buy resale and 0,000 if you buy from Bluegreen)

Some of the benefits and privileges premier level owners receive are:

Villa upgrades: Premier owners are eligible to get a free one category villa upgrade based on availability. When you can request the upgrade and how many upgrades you can receive differ by level.

Bronze = 1 day prior to the reservation and a maximum of 3 upgrades per year. Silver = 2 days prior and 5 per year Gold = 3 days prior and 7 per year Platinum = 4 days prior and 10 per year

Presidential Villa Upgrades are only available to Gold and Platinum level owners and are subject to the same maximum count per year.

Gold - 4 days prior Platinum - 7 days prior

Question for potential buyers: Is having a chance (based on availability just before check-in) at upgrading to one unit size bigger than what you reserved worth paying more 500% more for ownership?

The Obvious Answer: No! However, chances are you will already have reserved the unit type you need for your stay since nobody reserves a villa too small to accommodate their family. While an upgrade to a larger unit is certainly a nice perk, it is not necessary and certainly not worth thousands of dollars!

Another possible benefit is the waiver of cancellation or modification fees when you change a reservation.

Bronze class owners do not receive this benefit. Silver level owners are allowed up to 3 modifications or cancellations per year. Gold level owners are allowed up to 5 modifications or cancellations per year. Platinum level owners are allowed an unlimited number of modifications or cancellations per year.

Basically, unless you own 20,000 points or more- you still have to pay cancellation fees! This restriction puts this benefit out of reach for most owners. Platinum class owners who routinely rent their points may find this to be very beneficial, but they will have to consider the vast increase in purchase cost as well as the risk that the benefit could potentially be changed at any time. For almost every knowledgeable buyer- the decision is simply that buying resale is the best choice!

Another benefit is that Gold and Platinum level owners can receive extended stays and reservations at no cost based on availability.

Gold members can have one free white and Blue Season reservation per year. Platinum owners can have three free white and blue season reservations per year.

At first glance, this seems like a fantastic benefit! Who wouldn't like to get vacations for free!

But when you really think it over- it's not as fantastic as it sounds. Another great point for resale buyers is that unless you own 35,000 points or more- you don't even get the chance! And when you compare the cost difference- this benefit is at best a bad joke! Owners are often paying between ,000 to 0,000 over resale pricing for the privilege of getting a few free nights? At a rental rate of 0. per night, it will take you more than fourteen years before you break even! If the rack rate is only 0/night- it then takes more than 35 years! Chances are that extra money in your pocket can purchase all the extra nights you will need.

As always, timeshare ownership at resort prices is far more sizzle than steak! Take your time, research the product and the benefits- and I'm confident you'll agree that purchasing a Bluegreen timeshare ownership on the resale market is the only smart decision!

Copyright (c) 2010 Richard Marquette

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Hyphenated Domains Are Dead!....

For years search engine optimizers and affiliate marketers have been using this type of domain name quite heavily. The idea was that by including the primary keywords for your market in the actual domain name itself that this could and would influence your search engine ranking. This did seem to work for quite some time. It was an accepted practice.

There was a problem however. Search engines change. They change their algorithms and with these changes some websites can simply disappear from search engine results altogether. And change they did. March 2006 saw Google implement something called BigDaddy which immediately dumped 95%+ of hyphenated domains from their search index.

Why did they do this? Google hate people manipulating their search results because it makes them look bad. They run a business and like any business they want to stay in control of how their customers see them. Having search results filled with doesn't look good. It makes their search results appear very unprofessional to say the least. Bearing in mind too that most of these extra long hyphenated domains were filled with keyword stuffed pages of rubbish that had no actual value to visitors and you can see why Google made this change.

Were all hyphenated domains dropped? Of course not. Some stayed in the search index especially those with just a single dash in the domain name itself. That being said the day will come when dashed domain names will probably be moved to Googles secondary or supplemental search index. This effectively means that your domain would be dead in terms of search engine traffic.

Does the title "Hyphenated Domains Are Dead!" seem a little harsh? It's not meant to be. It's there as a wakeup call for your business. For the newbies out there just starting in business online please don't fall into the trap of using dashed domain names. Anybody who advises you to purchase a domain name with more than a single dash doesn't know what they're talking about and should be avoided. Serious online marketers are dumping their dashed domains as quickly as possible and moving towards either:

1. Branding their websites with much shorter domains.

2. Just using non-dashed domain names instead.

From a business point of view it's actually a good thing. Using hyphenated domains was just a lazy way around being truly creative. There are plenty of great .com, .net, .org and .info domains left unregistered. There are as many great. coms for sale too - true you might pay a little more but at least you'll be getting a domain that you'll want to keep forever.

The days of the disposable dashed domain names are over. If you're running an online business now it's time to take it seriously with a proper domain name. You do want to take your business seriously don't you?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mb6-889 Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 Service Management Exam

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam is designed to prepare you for the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). The credits Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam earned for the course will enable you to register for the MCTS course without necessarily sitting for another exam.

Course Description

In contrast to other MBS Microsoft certification exams, the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam is specially designed to gauge a candidate's knowledge when it comes to completing technical tasks such as MB6-889 configuration and MB6-889 maintenance of the active directory environment. The Windows Server 2008 Active, Director Exam will enable you to earn the amount of credit required towards becoming an MCTS Microsoft MB6-889 Certified Technology Specialist.

The course which is also commonly MBS referred to as Microsoft MB6-889 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam Exam can also enable you to earn enough credits to sit for MCITP Microsoft MB6-889 Certified IT Professional (Enterprise Administrator). Excelling in the course enables you to be ready for numerous job positions, for example, technical support specialist, system administrator or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series Exam network administrator. This type of course MBS is suitable for IT students or MB6-889 professionals in other MBS fields who would like to get a job in a complex ICT environment. These types of IT setups are usually found in medium to large businesses MB6-889.

Course prerequisites

Unlike other MB3-860 exams administered by Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series Exam, there are no particular conditions for enrolling for the Microsoft MB6-889 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam Exam. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you gain at least one year of experience working in an ICT environment. In addition, persons MB3-860 registering for Microsoft MB6-889 Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) MB6-889 certification course ought to have at least 12 months of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series Exam experience not only in implementing, but managing a network OS in an office environment MB6-889 which comprises of, but not limited to 250 users, three geographical locations and three domain controllers.
Microsoft MB6-889 Exam Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series
Exam Expectations

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam is made up of multiple choice questions, build list and reorder, hot area as well as build a tree question. While sitting for the MB6-889 exam, you may realize that some of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam questions MB3-860 are adaptive. In addition, you may notice that there are couple of simulation questions tested. In comparison to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series Exam certification exams, you will not come across a case study like queries. In order to excel in the MB6-889 exam, you need to score a minimum of 700 points out of a MBS possible 1000 points. To score at least 700 points, you need to attempt roughly 55 questions in not more than 120 minutes.

Getting Ready for the Microsoft MB6-889 Exam

Prior to sitting for any MB6-889 examination, you need to prepare in advance to guarantee success. The preparation MB3-860 process entails an understanding of the basics, and proper comprehension of the implementation process. Most MBS candidates registering for the MB3-860 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series Exam exam often find it challenging trying to collect the proper resources needed to excel in the exam as there are hundreds of study MB3-860 MBS materials accessible in the market. When searching for a study guide to assist you with MBS preparing for the Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Project Series Exam MB6-889 Exam, look for a suitable study material which offers candidates with proper awareness of the hypotheses outlined in the exam. In addition, the study material ought to make it easy to understand the information MB3-860.

Topics Covered

The following are the MBS different types of topics that are covered in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Service Management Exam: Configuring forest and domains MBS, Configure backup and recovery and MB3-860 Configuring Additional Active Directory Server Roles.