Thursday, June 30, 2016

Skiathos: Much More Than 'Mamma Mia'

Most people had never heard of Skiathos, before the hit Abba musical 'Mamma Mia', which was filmed here, in addition to on the neighbouring island of Skopelos. The hit musical movie has really raised the profile of Skiathos. The boat 'Columbus' used in the early scenes of the movie can usually be seen moored in the outdated port of Skiathos City, and residents reminisce fondly about appearing as extras within the film. However there are plenty of more to see at Skiathos than only a boat that had been utilized in a success film from Hollywood.

What does Skiathos has to supply the customer?

The gods should have been smiling once they created Skiathos, gifting it with a stunning multitude of beaches vastly out of proportion with its modest measurement. The island's sheltered turquoise waters and abundant stretches of golden sand entice hundreds of tourists annually, benefiting from the new, dry summer weather and alternatives for sunbathing, watersports, socialising and all-spherical leisure.

Peace and quiet on Skiathos

But whereas there is no doubt that the island's shoreline is its essential draw, those that venture inland will uncover a quieter and equally beautiful landscape filled with peaceful churches and monasteries, pine forests, olive groves and wild herbs. The standard rural lifestyles of some islanders have remained surprisingly constant by way of the massive changes of the previous few a long time. Strolling is an excellent approach to discover this side of Skiathos and is a popular pursuit in spring and autumn: beautiful views are to be found virtually in every single place. The protected 'biotope' nature reserve of Strafilios lagoon is one among only three such environments in Greece.

Luxurious vacation spot for A-listing stars and royalty

Within the sixties and seventies, Skiathos was the stylish destination of choice for a lot of actors, rock stars and other celebrities. The island stays a well-liked port of name for breathtakingly costly yachts and the impressive roll name of holiday makers to have dropped anchor here in recent years consists of an array of A-listing stars and royalty. Michael Douglas & Catherina Zeta Jones, David & Victoria Beckham, Lily Allen, Richard Branson, there are lots of celebrities that will not look misplaced at a yacht lying outside the coast of Skiathos.

Fashionable holiday island amongst Brits and Germans

While the wealthy and very famous continue to grace Skiathi shores, there are additionally loads of appeal in Skiathos among the many average families of this world. Nowadays constitution flights and common ferries have opened up the resort to a much wider vary of individuals. Among the many many international nationalities who visit (alongside a good variety of Greeks), it is especially fashionable with British and German tourists. Sizeable expat communities dwell completely on the island and contribute to its character. The British community is the most important and most distinguished, and virtually in all places you go people will perceive a minimum of fundamental English.

I hope this little introduction to Skiathos may also help moist your appetite for just a little Greek island adventure subsequent summer. It is much more than simply 'Mamma Mia' you already know.

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